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Official Arctic Monkeys Livejournal Community
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An Arctic Monkeys Community

Welcome to arctic_daily, a community appreciating the Sheffield based band Arctic Monkeys.
Here are some questions that might pop up in your head if you're visiting this page for the very first time.

Who are Arctic Monkeys?
Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Matt Helders & Nick O'Malley are the four gentlemen.
If you really have no clue at all, visit their Wikipedia page.

What can you post/do in this community?
Anything that has to do with them. That means pictures, videos, news, gossip and music.
ATTENTION: If you do post any music, please make it friends only.
You're allowed to post B-sides, demos and unreleased tracks.

What can you not post/do in this community?
Spam, porn, bashing, irrelevant things... you call it.
Even though its said above that you can post their music, we do not accept official albums by them.
At least buy those (or get them from your own source).

Can I post things about The Last Shadow Puppets?
No, the side project of Alex Turner and Miles Kane from The Rascals have their own community: shadowpuppetry where you can post about their tours, news, gossip, videos, etc. However, if there are pictures of Miles and Alex together, you are allowed to post it in this community too.

OK. What if I have any other questions?
You can contact the mods or leave a comment in one of the entries.
We love to help you out of your situation.

We don't know you, you don't know us. So if you're new, let us know how you are.
Sounds complicated, but it's really simple.
Just post this for the starters and continue to keep this community alive!

What AM song/demo you like the best:
Have you ever seen them live?
If not would you want to//If yes then where/when/how was it?
Where did you hear about/how did you find this community?
What other bands do you like?



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